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tion of it will be triangular. This cavity is of considerable
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rior, and exterior. The outer surface is convex, the inner concave ;
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version, of what I have felt bound to put on record here respecting
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phus, are infinitely greater than those presented in other diseases
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constitute a hospital routine carried out as regularly as the
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tissue corpuscles. They occupy the fibrous layer beneath the endothelium,
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bound to admit, therefore, that each hemisphere has the chance of licing
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mended in several different ways; 1, in small quantity, and fre-
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by Hansen in 1879. The Bacillus lejjroe is described as a small rod
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Spallanzani (1769); and although the evidence adduced, especially
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happens to the transitional epithelium of the bladder. On dis-
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after birth, and what is more important the better the
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was the fact that he had the Courage of his convictions and never
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^e augmentation in the consumption of the oxygen, or else dying
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The ^'sanitary corps^' consists of {a) medical officers, and (b)
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and exposes a portion of lung that is often affected in
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pairment of the cardiac mechanism, when the pulse is
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result of these causes, the stomach and intestines become irritable, and
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has related to mc a case of tliis kind which came under his obserntiiL
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tically normal, and pulse 76. ture. The evidences of brain irritation and
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P. 140, R. '})6. The respiratory murmur much decreased, almost
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Sensory symptoms are practically wanting in this disease ;
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In other cases abdominal symptoms — pain, and diarrhoea, pea-soup in
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ent conditions ; for there they would not be exposed
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whose members were known as exorcists. The expulsion
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in the arteries and capillaries of the biain, weaken-
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other words more than one-half of the population show absolute evidence of infection.
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allowed to bring the softened protein to the consistency desired (commonly
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active agents in producing the disease. Several cases have fallen under
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fetus at about the tenth week. In the dog's peritoneum is where I first