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doses, in Camphor mixture every four or six hours. Patients are

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bone is broken ? They are usually stated to be three

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abscess must be freely opened and drained, its cavity explored so that all

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Esq., Bath ; A. P. Stewart, M.D. ; *Edwar'd Charlton, M.D. ;

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Dutch physicians organized regular clinical instruction as part of the

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Fig. 7.— This figure shows the intestine after the completion of the anastomo-

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In a few places fatty degeneration of the muscle had set in.

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little part in sports or athletic games. In his younger days

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of the uterus is said to correspond with that of the axis of the supe-

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much more allied to the cellular or serous tissue both in struc-

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during this period, sometimes to return as the effusion is absorbed.

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suddenly, and that, therefore, the cultures can not be certainly relied upon after the

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means he adds to the unfortunate dissensions already prevailing

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were the first to call attention to it. The generally received

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cancerous disease of the bones — Catarrhal pneumonia . . 441

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cigars as well as of cigarettes, is constantly resorted to.

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branch of medical teaching was not effected until about the

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cannot be demonstrated in syphilitic blood or tissues. Spontaneous

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and washed out the bladder with evacuating catheter. Second

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Meyhoffer (^//«. Monatsbldtter f. Augenhetlk.^ February,

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W. Tiirk makes use of the following diluting fluids: glacial acetic acid, 3 cc.;

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several weeks past, and possibly for months for all that is known. The

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with active delirium. At the autopsy the brain i)resented

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of reputed cancer, gives forty -four as found in the male sex.

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Eddowes, William, juu., Esq., House-Surgeon to the Infirmary,

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and devised an operation upon correct anatomical lines

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Its development can sometimes be foreseen by the occurrence of

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vide for some of the classes for whom the provision

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netration of venous blood into the organs, is a result of the loss

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associations are either harmonious or in controversy

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can be accelerated by rubbing up the bits of transplanted tissue after the

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past three years obs^erved the affection on the face, us

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1. Inactivity. Cerebral palsies may thus be associated with