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and removed, as it is seen to be, from the fauces, whilst respiration in
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very limited extent. At the ankle-joint the astragalus was found com-
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half this amount upon excoriated surfaces. In sub-acute
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Opium, Extract of.— H., dr. ^-1 (gm. 2.-4.). C, dr. 1-2 (gm. 4.-8.). Sh.,.
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tract the uterus and arrest haemorrhage after parturition ;
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'uly mention those in honor of Graefc and Donders, the two heroes
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studying this disease have been ample ; since, in addition to those
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thema syphiliticum maculo-papulosum reaches to the wrist, the above-
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several times confined without disturbance of her general health.
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including Crede's Ointment and Collargol ; Gelatin and
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stimulation of the inhibitory reflex centres of Setschenow in
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cal Times, vol. vi.. No. 20.— Medical and Surgical Reporter, vol. x.". No. 2.
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returning again ; sometimes, after a thorough dispersion by arsenic,
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Potassium bromide is recommended in the treatment of
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I first saw her three months ago, when I found at the seat of
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deposit of lymph over entire surface of cerebrum, cerebelkim, me-
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tract. It is employed in hemiplegia and paraplegia, result-
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poisoning had ensued, and the motor nerves and cells of the
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greatest good to his listeners. Not only students, but old practi-
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flaps of integument only. The end of the bone is deeply buried be-
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of turpentine to horses, and the primary irritation is followed
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useful as a diuretic in carnivora, when the urine is concen-
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j- .PUS so often existing after a battle will be avoided,
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heart beats more rapidly in consequence of the lessened
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fibres of the gut are paralyzed by these large quantities
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syrupy residue exhausted by ether, and the residue again treated by