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led to believe that the mortality was in the hand-fed, and not the
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In the name of all physiological research, in behalf of com-
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dren under 15 years tuberculosis was found in txJ (21.2 per cent).
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contend against powerful influence and wealth, but he
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of Publication, at Philadelphia or New York, whose duty it
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mittee on Medical Literature, proposing to supersede the present
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Practical Medicine — Lecturer, Prof. J. E. Shaw, M.B., CM.
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and the other enlarged by a cyst filled with grumous
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third of that provided in Voit's standard, it appeared as if there
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ated from exudative nephritis, with relation to ori-
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powers were evidently much weakened; phagocytosis was reduced and
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that the patients complained of the insufficiency of their diet," &c. &c. Expe-
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'classical studies in any of our colleges, or at least fbor
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A Curiosity for the Alienist, and indeed, for all philo-
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sion leads to condensation of vesicular lung structure and
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for the Permanent Cure of Hernia, or Rupture; also, a new and
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formed by lufpus erythematosus, etc. ; while epidermic favus may in
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nose affected without also witnessing inflammation of the
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The Fees are to be piid in advance. No credit will be given, except on sufficient security of aooMl
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successfully practised to mitigate the severity of the disease; just
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my pamphlet on the laryngeal mirror, I was able to enunciate the proi)o-
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6 cases. The decrease of the number of pulsations was 3 and 4.
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the examination of a swab from the throat prevents any
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pain in the intercostal nerves, and the diagnosis may require great care,
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bottom of the dish and the others put in rows to form a pyra-
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View or tue Moitus op tite Sacp of Oblique and Direct Hernia, also the Re-
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directions, with good muscular tone, grip normal, finger-to-nose test
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melting and time between completing this process and the viscosity
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ing General stated that the only reason these apparatuses were not used in
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patients, or in those with latent depression or suicidal tenden-
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rhoea and sterility, which are attributed to narrowing of the internal os, and