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neuritis appears in the course of the disease. Death generally results

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will say, of short stature; a little more than five feet

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No cement was necessary, and, instead of the screws,

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governments do not grant exceptions in accordance with § 14, para-

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Relative incompetence must be due either to (a) an increased

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(a^ Is .not the Psora of Hahnemann as good a namn as the Fermentation

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raised to 95° V., and more water may be allowed to

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studies and experimental work upon the part of a host of

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Constituiional and other symptoms may include progressive weakness, loft^

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showed very favorable results in the majority of cases:

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is probable, pertains to the sympathetic nerve. Jn some instances morbid

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Minciples on which disease aflVcts the system, and medicines operate in

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use is wholly inconclusive, and in general the same may

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gregor*says: "It is an established fact that nervous

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entered the lists against Dr. Renton, who has so long

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on chiefly by the abdominal muscles to avoid the rubbing of the

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Touch her conjunctiva with a clean finger and reflex closure of the

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the normal or minimum pressure at the auricle, it may be answered that the varia-

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of casts. In addition there are renal epithelial cells, occurring either

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ment of epilepsy than I, the placing of the patient on opium and

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are scarlet fever and some forms of syphilitic eruptions. The diag-

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tion. If the bugs are allowed a second feeding after the infecting blood meal the

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- Dressings cut in proper sizes, bandages and gauze, sponges, tow-

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be. The number of cases of cutaneous mucous or visceral infections

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