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courses, intended to constitute the work of the Junior and

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points. Here spontaneous production is a more natural explanation than infec-

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I. The onset is insidious and the symptoms may be misunderstood, if

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heated to 145°, then slowly, it melts to a dark liquid at 147-9°.

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but persisting for more than a month after its discontinuance, there

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tures a long free flagellum is easily observed. The posterior part

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eggs will withstand desiccation, and are very resistant to external influ-

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rupt the process of chymification; for it suffices, often, to neutra-

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had been in his company a good deal for a good many years, and jso far from

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is unheard of at present. We believe it must ultimately come,

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involves two distinct questions. First, they have to be distinguished from

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and often some albumin and a few casts. In some cases of cholera the urine

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nizing properties, but signally also preventive and cura-

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place, and after a while subside. Often, however, an abscess forms, which

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decilions when the fate of a manufaftory and the health of the

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(16) Reed, Chas. B. American Journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, October,

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Contributors for the Original Department of The Journal are received, witk

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we are justified in concluding that the causative agent of seven day

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and hypertrophied, and the auriculo-ventricular opening enlarged.

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Case 1. — (St. Mary's Hospital Reports for 1897.) A boy

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chosen and most responsive culture-soil for every mischievous

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Company ; Licontiato of the Royal University of Havana, Cuba,

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and lobulated. Bland-Sutton says : Very large spindle-celled

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circumstances as to induce the belief that the person who uses

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definitely later in the paper) that the above answers

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is stagnation of urine in the bladder. The stagnant urine, even

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liecovery or death in such cases depends on the lapse of a few seconds, more or

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After this the swelling of the lids gradually subsides and the conjunc-

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