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leath ^ 'i' - the bGd ^' wllcn dammed on the sixth day after
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sparing agents such as spironolactone or amiloride. Further use
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The effect of electricity upon hysteric pain has been
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middle, with three-fourths of an inch separation of the
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ciated with criminals; a place where they can have proper food and clothing and
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the use of those who have not access to the journals in
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been fractured on the left side at the junction of the ramus with
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quence, however, of fome indifcretion committed by the patient,
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without discoverable alteration of texture ; and there are the
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of the same must be considered the fundamental cause of deafness for words
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which I think it is well always to bear in mind : and
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In 1884, the Report of the Massachusetts State Board of
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he would be unstable and unsafe, and not entitled to the
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f. Chir., Berl., 1894, xxiii, pi. 2, 70-74.— ITIarc^hetti (B.)
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be obtained during the first two weeks, after which it gave
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ture. The reasons for this rule are obvious. The more
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of forty and seventy. With better methods of examination more and
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Continuing Medical Education Activities in Arizona; California, Hawaii, and Nevada; Idaho;
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way as the inoculation of the secretions from patients who had died of puer-
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caliber of the veins is irregular. As a general rule
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stances have occurred in which the patient, in this
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almost exsanguined from the continued loss of blood, not-
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precept is important, not only because different remedies are likely to
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when that Profession would be bound together as a united
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ualist physician, whose diagnosis and prognosis, based on the inspection of
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111.'-. Ollr lu.ill di,a the d.n- .ittn- tlic uii-il nt thr i , Muilt i. .11, uliilc
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the fever cases in the Meath Hospital, was attacked with violent symp-