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Dr. Apolo C. Maglalang was Chief Resident, Department of
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ogist, and consists in classifying the Fauna of various regions, (man in-
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ally. The center V being intact, visual memories can be recalled; hence he can
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excessively happy. It does not seem possible that a
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cords a case, showing the success of the practice, which,
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when she had such a severe one that she sent for Dr. Wilson,
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Xeilson brought out the opinion that neither abdominal nor vaginal examina-
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are looking to for guidance. They are not forthcom-
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tion of operations in India than it is in this country ; and per-
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Missouri). — At the last meeting the following officers were
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April 24, 1895) records the result of the treatment of
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dition is generally constant, unless in those instances, common
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mind, blunted perceptions, and, in children, sometimes convulsions. Throbbing
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covered with bags which have been moistened in some antiseptic solution.
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to the history she had suffered for five or six years
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the arms, over the gluteal region and upper part of the thighs.
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feet in hight. The leaves of the stem are sheathing ;
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degree and rather softer than usual; while the lihula, cpiite translucent and
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condensed into water, which &lling upon the earth cools it ; so also the hot spirits carried finom the heart to the
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Illinois M. Soc, Cliicago, 1888, xxxviii, 176-186. Also,
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she came under observation there were distinct painful par-
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County and District Societies as have representation in their respective
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or livid colour, forms an inflamed areola, and becomes covered
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element, this being the emanation. It is a gas, exceedingly dense,
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diagnosis in reference to the suspicion of pneumothorax, which the