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CoUes's Fracture — The French view of an American medical con-
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the temperature often rises and pre-agonal temperatures of 105 F. or over
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students of the Delaware Agricultural College. Included
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the anus an inflamed pile existed. Under those circumstances,
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that the tumor mass has been found in the fetus, and that the size
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performed, and was condemned by the best surgeons, except in ex-
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not different processes, but in many instances identical, i.e., there
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attests the necessity to which it ministers." The dispensary is
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perceived in the breath, which had become very distinct on the
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aid of aperient medicine, sufficiently active; the previous vomiting ceased;
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iNTicholson with his great modesty, and his retiring nature, had to be
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tuberculous cachexia. The observations of Louis show that tuberculous
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stain by Romanowsky's or Gram's method. Beautiful preparations may be made
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( 1787 a).—[Ascaris inftexa in hen's egg] <Phvs.-okonom. Monats- u. Quartalschr.
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Sbo. 7. — ^E^rery Delegate from a state or territorial
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the editorship of the Land of Sunshine, a monthly magazine published in Los
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cells of the gray matter of the cord, and is named the oval area of
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Status epilepticus im aekundiireu Stadium der Syphilis.
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lation are in some way connected with the degeneration.
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times has there been present, both during her periods of physical
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to distortions of the features which are sometimes terrific. The angles
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tablished, and marked improvement is manifest. At the end
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weeks or months, expectant treatment is no longer appropriate, and
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than the upper part. They are more or less firmly attached to
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Ray L. Cornelison, Jr., MD, Secretary-Treasurer; Larry L.
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of dubious justification. A few errors have escaped correction in the
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dependent upon the particular MAO inhibitor being used, the length of time it
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the diphtheria bacillus, or its toxins ; therefore, from a diagnostic
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is relieved when the eardrum ruptures and there is a discharge
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complish their end if a proportion of persons who would have
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that the ophthalmia of infants was more destructive to vision