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London, 1892. Virchow-Senator, I'^ncephalitis Grippalis, Deutsche med. Woch-
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in November, 1864. He was honorably discharged on August
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Every thing being prepared for the operation, Dr. Davie
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excruciating pain, with the aid of his wife he finally seats himself,
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Art. I. — Inaugural Address, including a Pajper on Infant
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mer, an inch, or thereabouts, fuither from the orifice of
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I have had no difficulty in arranging for papers for the meet-
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been supposed by certain observers that the constriction of the tubes is
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dimensional rotation mechanism with separate rotating axes. With three infrared LED
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of the transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society for that year, it
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the College of the Physicians at London, left Oxford for Florence
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important trends in current medicine and surgery. These
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efforts of the press, the government, and his own col-
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cation which has hitherto been pursued in this college, affords the best fa-
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isms. An attempt was also made to cultivate Bacillus infliienzcB in
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One of the latest editions is that of Frankfort, 1617. The
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in the cases reported by Lefterts, the prognosis, as regards recovery, is favor-
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Secretary: Ayers, J. S., Clinton; Jeff., 1932 1932 1937
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deep inspirations. The various secretions are, in all cases,
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the autopsy showed a small cyst of the kidney which
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* This is exhaustively dealt with in Dr. Edmunds* and Mr. Ballance's paper.
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extent. The leukocytes are usually reduced in number and may fall
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seen the interior mass of medullary matter, with the cortical
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Whitmorb, JohnB., 4474, Sacramento, Bowdoin Coll. Med., July 11, 187S.
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begin during childhood is discussed in this review. Currently, the rates of smoking and alcohol use are higher
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im, and involved in the causation of the peritonitis, are found in
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state of mind over her domestic. The girl was most anxious to
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502, appears the report of a case of labor complica-
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hand on my body, and dere vas pain. Den I puts my hand on
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officer, he located in the United States, serving his
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bowels tympanitic. If turpentine will heal the ulcerated state of the
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small. In some cases the animal experiment will be necessary to