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remember the intimate association of the lower end of the ureter, the

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with occlusive vascular diseases. Magnetic resonance an-

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the vagina to the upper half. He considered ventro-

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Am. Lancet, Deti'oit, 18K8, n. s., xii, 287-292.— Auillioui

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to the pelvis is very universally fatal to the infant, and very dangerous to

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The patient should be kept in a warm room of sixty-five to seventy

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Convalescence. Gastric Disturbances, acute or chronic.

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with all the favourable Prejudice, and warm Gratitude of a Pupil ;

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always occur, that is, near the internal os uterL It is easy to under-

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onize or eliminate the toxines of diphtheria, (c) Immunity may be

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Causes. — Among the predisposing causes may be placed, in-

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are usually small, rarely attaining the length of an inch in their long

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to be formed by the parenchyma of the adamantine membrane between

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nasal intonation of voice, and when tlu' tongue is deprcHsed

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and late assistant, Dr. Walter Tate. The little operation is

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