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he has remarked an appearance of the tongue which reveals the presence of

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Among the various fonns of amblyopia, it of course becomes

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the rib^ and the bones of the lower extremities to be

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Even in abscesses of recent formation the pus is commonly greenish and

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They begin in the case of the stallion with oedema of the

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ness usually become localized in the plantar surface of the heel. The

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sellsch. zu Tokyo, 1894, viii, 4. Hft,, 9; 5.Hft., 27; 6. Htt.,

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mind. Here the break-down may be the first sign of the

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Syphih)grapiiy, to bo hold in I'ariH, August 5 to 10, 1HH!», has

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offspring; including important directions to lovers and

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obliged him to give up work. He was a member of the Ameri-

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than a week in healing, and the neuralgia disappeared at

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riencing an immediate sense of well-being followed by

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you want and I am prepared to show it to you. If you will look just below the tube you shall see what the

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tions in one of the 45 districts into which the city is

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torsion of the renal vessels. Intermittent hydronephrosis sometimes occurs.

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Small-i)ox in Bclgravia, and the necessity for amending the

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American Homceopathist, xxiii. 439). A boy, 4, slid down

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Sims Woodhead pointed out, bacteriological chemists have no light task

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tolerate therapy with beta-blockers and/or nitrates or who remain

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acid drinks. Apply cold water to the head; and after the

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of the throat, ear, or respiratory passages, no less than fifty-four

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of the body. Notliing is more certain than that the

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remains of tubercles are not unfrequently found in the lungs of old

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procured, or while it was preparing, he directed flannels wrung

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be employed in a one-half to one per cent, solution.

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expense for material, neither did it wholly remove the nuisance

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dilferences between ]\f. Liebreich and his critics, we must revert

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only the first of them relates to the “medical care

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located at Eaow island, on the Massaruni river, after the treat-

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fined in the corrals and fed on cut loco, cut loco and hay, etc. It

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character, I have found uniformly the cryptae of the gastro-intes-