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favorite complaint of unfair treatment from the profession. So they

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uncommon. There is no way of distinguishing these poisonings from

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tered during the twenty-four hours, so that the attending physician may

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extends into the neighboring organs and tissues, especially into the

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and Peyer's patches in the small intestine are swollen, and the mesenteric

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made by the free use of calomel, followed by salines, to remove the exist-

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Ascending Poliomyelitis. In 1849 Duchenne described a peculiar

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customary to assign an etiological importance to the general causes of

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pnoea and a bloody, frothy sputum. Death may occur instantaneously, as

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not to be detected even on microscopical examination. In like manner

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spore-forming bacillus resembling the anthrax bacillus, but narrower and

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cause changes localized in the skull, spine, and thorax while the extremi-

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lar, opaque yellow wall, the free surface of which continues to become

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and a diffuse fibrous inflammation. The gummata occur particularly in

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mously benefited by the treatment at Carlsbad, Vichy, and other saline

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A systolic murmur is heard over the heart. The examination of the

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numerous persons, especially in asylums, have been simultaneously af-

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fat-necrosis is based not only upon their usual association, but also upon

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produced, at the pulmonary valve, followed by the diseased second

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ments and by the inability to perform delicate acts, and often becomes

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tasis of the adult may give rise to collateral emphysema of the lung and

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distinguished from the secondary variety occurring in the course of endo-

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cubic centimetre of the so-called normal serum, which is of such strength

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if the general constitutional condition be good, blood may be drawn from

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gently, not abruptly as in true epilepsy, often with an initial scream ;

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instrument. Fleischer s apparatus is most frequently used for the de-