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tremens, in from 3i to oi doses, has long been known, and as
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mouth in cases of lead-poisoning in children. He had
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currence of the above clinical manifestations in a person above forty years
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(Durham, North Yorkshire, Abertillery, etc.). In both countries a
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doundakine is a toxic agent, acting more particularly
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extract of male fern 8 grms. (123 grs.), calomel 0*8 grms, (12"3 grs.),
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and accompanied the young man to his boarding-place,
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at once disappeared when the weaker lenses were used. He
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duced more frequently by indirect force than by direct. The
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appear to be larger than in the Confederate service. It must be borne in mind, however,
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other, amidst the errors, the lights, and the ardour of their
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{Head before the Medico-Ghirurgical Society of Edinburgh, 2nd July 1890.)
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more difficult with this than it is with Trommer's test, where the least excess of
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without interference. The time between the attack and the onset of bone
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nal surface, it seemed for the purpose of facilitating the play of the tendon, and
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man's spirituality, and conducts him upwards towards perfection, by
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this little book^s pages, and many allied subjects are appropriately given
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nozzle of the stopcock and the large metallic mouth-piece with which his
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October 27, 1849. She stated that she had fallen with much violence, and with
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first case which was treated in that way, I merely followed up
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The nsevus araneus is usually single, and occurs especially in chil-
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istence of a subdural abscess in the region of the injury. This
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IS composed of pure cystin, a form of stone not only
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volving in his helices, a substance capable of containing; a thousand
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disease have been called, among the laity, by the com-
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peritoneum, septic in origin, and unlimited in extent
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The Treasurer, Dr. Sumner, presented his annual report, which