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He was first seen by me in the autumn of 1847, when I admitted him to

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relief nor sleep. I therefore gave him .32 gram (i gr.) morphia,

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tumors, malpositions of the intestine (enteroptosis) , or congenital or

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The disease prevails most frequently during the winter and early

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The next patient was Miss B., 27 years of age. General phy-

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inversion of the uterus, and replacement was accomplished. She now again

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ing these types of irregularity I think it is still

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Disinfectants. By E. R. Squibb, M. D., of Brooklyn, N. Y. New York, 1866.

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the liver, provided the bile could not be made to flow from

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to consumption. When a patient is greatly exercised through fear of

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it being much more accurate than ballooning with air or distending with

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play annually given by the Ancient Order of Chut-muks; the good com-

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The life work of these cells is to take up nutrition, to constantly

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tries and baffled all human skill have been robbed of their

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Like Cholera and Yellow-Fever, this epidemic appears to depend on a specific poison,

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characterized by its persistence will be located in that seg-

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8. Chaugiug the head from vertical to horizontal position, also exercising

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greater or less degree, in the manner now contemplated ; and it

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with active delirium. At the autopsy the brain i)resented

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even here a dim recollection of the art of writing, or he begins a word,

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commonly benefited are those in which the insomnia is due "to mental

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This patient was only partially relieved by the tenotomy

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The difKculty between the United States and France does not seem

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action may do great harm. A writer in the Toronto Evening

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may be umbilicated. The whole of the peritoneum may be infected,

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the description of M. Robert can only relate to those granula-

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There was no presystolic murmur at the tricuspid area. (3) The