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being given every twenty-four hours and observed the influence
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gans which terminate in the intellinal canal, the obllruttion,
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which he feared that ])ost-partum hemorrluige would
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read notes of a case of pulsating tumor of the head, with
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function of these organs, which is the secretion of milk for the
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(P. -J.) Des rfesections sous-periost6es a propos d'une
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merge into each other. Cases complicated with dysentery, diarrhoea, and
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thick fingers, continence was not quite perfect for the next
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Penn., Pliila , 1892, xxiii, 164-167. . The treatment
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cancerous. He had had the same under observation for
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106 to 122; temperature, 98.2° to 99.2°. Had a good day but did not rest
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tion of the series of phenomena attending on and awakened
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Kingston to establish a college there, which should be open to
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pool, has so often declared and proved, it will be impos-
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bodies in the polymorphonuclear leukocytes from scarlatinal blood prior to
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of. That there is not a sufficient incentive on the ])art
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board of management, have been satisfactorily filled
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demics, for the simple reason that they provide only for a class
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laden with pus-forming organisms, becomes the focus of secondary meta-
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nearly white, had assumed a fine magenta color. His shirt seemed
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geons, Baltimore, Md., where he grad- teresting. This Society has been doing
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motic pressure and swelling is now practically complete.
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other cases in consultation. He had given all of his
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places of decimals nor to express the result further than to the first deci-
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requisite for a direct action upon the tissues. In both the
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the night previous to the expectoration of the eyelet, was oc-
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with which irritation may be produced, depends much upon
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