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and yet as probably always secondary. What, we should
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the convolutions may be concealed by a yellowish white exudation, or green
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National Health: from Magic, Mystery, and Medicine, to a National Health
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heart alone does not constitute increased action of this organ."
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The majority, even of my professional brethren, may perhaps continue
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the pelvis, the curvature of the spine and apparent lengthening of
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of the disease have increased, its incidental association with various
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The Editorial and Business Offices are at 1420 Chestnut St. Address all correspondence to
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ease continues. These alterations of the physiognomy are dependent on
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time as the right, passed through the same phases and discharged in the
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Answer. — Your annoyances probably arise from chronic inflammation
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were drawn off". The catheter was now introduced two or three times a day for
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it is found to be necessary or desirable, in order that the life of
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advance subscription must notify us to that eflfect, otherwise we assume it their wish to have it contiaiMd'
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toms, because of the lowered vitality, but I do not
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occasion an eloquent address, in which, after welcom-
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cently some of the manufacturers of this country have
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place in a'medical journal ; but let us remember that it reddit
and the death-rate still declines. It is not meant, how-
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2. The supply of respirable air must be practically
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those of the Hastings Center and the American Thoracic
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disease, or to remove the cause of some aggravation, and thus
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lane, Kerry-yard, and all about here — they are often full to overflowing,
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round the heart, in order that when anger rises in it to an extreme
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twenty cases, and that it is utterly impossible to select the case. The
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many students; and virtually all scientific activities
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give the observer any true indication of either or both of the
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1944. Estes, W. L., Jr., 35 E. Elizabeth Ave., Bethlehem, Pa.
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retted away. The antr\im had been packed very thoroughly