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considerable loss of recollection. He then complained of headache, and after
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Culombltt : Panama, Mny 27-Jiuie ;t. .5 cases. 1 death.
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and in different places. It would appear to have been five years
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m der Kolk show the existence, after death, of induration of the
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inquiries, be shown to have been in the way of catching the disease. No
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\'irchow himself, who " caii say, without exaggeration,
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wound gape by proper external pressure. The introduction of a cu-
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To bring down the chin and complete the delivery of the first child
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proval of the county polio vaccine program, details
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in close proximity to singe the hair and hold a pistol
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into an abscess of small size, the interior of which was much
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after the operation, and the patient died ; in a third (Case 9), the operation was
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Tlie Committee observe that by Act of Parliament a student may com-
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5. Functions of the liver are: — The formation of bile,
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estimation of arterial pressure during anaesthesia is not
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of automoblie construction in clear, concise, and popular language,
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,ind M'iif -nund- wvw di-t.ml. 'I'lic uidi.u dulnl.■>^ \,i< prc-rnt td ,111
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individual is delighted at a singular exaltation of spirits super-
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sults five grains of the extract of suprarenal gland,
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Taking the data recorded, with an average body weight of
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arthritis. Sacroiliitis, auricular chondritis, and erosive ar-
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knowing thoroughly how to administer ether and chloroform.
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recently passed the examination for the degree of F.R.C.S.
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stasis, Decholin serves to prompt an adequate secretion of bile.
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one or other of the two following fallacies, which ought not
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mv. The student forthwith commenced a wonderful discourse on
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Symptoms on Admission. — Is greatly emaciated. Tongue moist, slightly furred ;
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with produce, headed it for New Orleans, and floated
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complete. The portion on urological surgery is very
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root and about as large as either of the two branches of the pulmonary artery,