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surgical progress ; but it seems to me that neither a
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eighteen months of service at the Institute of Pathology, the
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severe attack of gonorrhoea, from which he says he h;is
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the last twenty or five-aud-twenty years was due in no small
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troducing a large supply of water, it is necessary to make sure that
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myself peculiarly fortunate in having witnessed this case, for in
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I may add to these instances two which have occurred under my own
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whooping cough were due to congestion of the pneumogastric nerves, a
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jects than those indicated in the title. So far as the
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part of the present year, in the places which I visited at the north, where
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tremities; tongue abated; pharynx red; temperature (axillary) 103°;
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without exposure to the air (or contact with pyogenic germs),
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For ordinary purposes the smaller dose should he pre-
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was obtained from some of our figures and the references given in
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care was taken to maintain complete isolation, not only with
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physicians, however, are so unfamiliar with the general pro-
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many cases there may be a real persistence of the fetal condition. Riegel,
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projection fibres of a cortical sensory path envelop themselves almost
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ported at once ; a piece of tape was tied tightly around the finger above the bite,
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solids and fluids, remarks were made by Dr. Shattuck,
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the law. The habit of drinking fresh-drawn blood at the
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tice, and yet its value iu the diagnosis, and consequently
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Simple enlargement of the left ventricle. — This is sometimes found
difficult to estimate. In each of the cases before us there was
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tubercle bacilli. Recently there has been beginning anchylosis of the jaw. A
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worse despite abundant local treatment. There was a tendency
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to detect the presence of a sheet of white paper moving directly
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with marked contraction of the pupil. The senile pupil is normally
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trials of this remedy, made on a large scale, were those instituted at
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portion to their population or wealth. The localities where