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good judgment and care, this rejection becomes a habit, and in

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tend to more than twenty minutes or half an hour, while

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Antiphlogistic medication was discontinued and a gargle of

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Dr. C. H. Mayo, the first physician in Olmsted County, certainly in Rochester, to

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tality on a sounder footing. The cause of Lying-in Hospitals,

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Acute Dysenteric Hepatitis. — Paul Renilinger concludes a

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the liver and the spleen. In the nervous symptoms, insanity,

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They are very easily recognized as rank-smelling, stout, tall,

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impulses travel by the ord nerve through the ciliary ganglion

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through an obstructed nostril produces a partial vacuum,

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importance. In its study associate therewith the idea of tissue starva-

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professor during the entire session, which; mencing the study of medicine, any diploma

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weeks passed before I was able to sit up. Two weeks after convales-

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nerves exercise the same influence on th^se as on other vessels, and, consequentiy, secretion, which ordinarily

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complicated by the presence of biliary trouble, pyloric adhesions,

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charge. All these beneficent things it has done under the guidance and

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well as exposure to cold, the perniones occurring on the feet where

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That kind of case he rej^aided as quite rare ; he had not had othti

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tion tremor, sometimes an optic atrophy, and it is not seen as a family

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The result was an outbreak of intermittent fever, wliich

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greatest attention, and who never write papers for the purpose

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and a deficient circulation in the extreme vessels, the subjects of this disease bear bleediaf.

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whether the quality of life for nursing home residents might

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that vi^as offered him, for a small monetary consideration.

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conclusions. The withdrawal of fluids from the diet causes an imme-

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the action of the sympathetic nervous system which accompanies the blood-Tcssels, and

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topsy is almost always as follows : The subjects show no emadation,

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Bobert W. Oreenleaf, U.D., Harvard University Medical

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either or both ventricles in anemia is neither marked nor is