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the shoulder joint. Eight were males and seven females, and

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Medical Center and VA Medical Center, Salt Lake City. Contact:

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The case is instructive from the age and condition of the subject.

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After the tumor has been thoroughly ligated, snip off

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very frequently, and are brought, on by any slight disturbance.

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A new era in the literature of this subject dawned during the six-

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plegic with Special Reference to the Axes of Astigmatism and Accom-

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fat intake. Although a number of patient-oriented books and

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stance in leprosy and syphilis, the nails may be twisted up into many

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done by the use of one electrode upon the nape of the neck

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the skull, the scalp wound was enlarged. In 24 cases this

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the construction of spinal sujiports, and urges some ob-

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disease, this drug when given in one grain doses hourly has been of

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1834, in which year there were 217 students, of whom 55

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ercises, or should exercise, in fitting or enabling the mind to

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of the body. Notliing is more certain than that the

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septate, while owing to the thickness of the raised layer of epithelium

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atrophy, and even monoplegia. As a rule, spinal SA-philis does not cause a

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function of these organs, which is the secretion of milk for the

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the external jugular veins are chiefly concerned), it is generally a simple

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all rojoctod, iind fjroat tvnipanitos witli fevor had set in, were eno-

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Detroit, 1888, 174. 30. JACOBI, A. Riforma Med. Napoli, 1890, vi. 1322. 31.

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regular and feeble ; the skin cold and clammy ; and within

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between their teeth : they even take up their dung and swallow

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recommended cutting through the rectus muscle by an

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the excrementitious matter is first formed and accumulated,

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time. In the process of time the acidity of the stomach and eructations

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tion grew more real in proportion to her need for greater

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