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with benefit. As to the administration of purgatives, I am of

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nation and maintained successfully a medical discus-

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these preparations and the impossil^ility that the physician

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ible in 77, irreducible in 42, and strangulated in 15. All

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onistic or at least exerted in a contrary direction: the tubular epithelium

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Preparations are already in active progress in Moscow

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the knees and feet, as well as of the breech; since the mechanism,

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unlearn errors before we can comprehend facts — is the

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mucous membranes of healthy individuals as harmless parasites is a

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use, cases of this kind have been of far more common occur-

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modern works, we shall enter without further discussion upon the de-

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twenty-six men, or 18 per cent, of all the males. When one com-

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cussed at length. The technic of anastomosis was also

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tains departements. Bull. Acad, de med., Par., 1885, 2.8.,

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surface. Growth is now confined within narrow limits, pressing

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I should perhaps refer to immediate results. As evidence of the useful-

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Symptoms. — Diffuse uniform redness, disappearing on pres-

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serving objects for examination. VI. On procuring objects for the microscope.

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fractures of thigl),are very loose in method. The patho-

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when the bladder is dilated. The relation of "A" and "B" to the symphysis is quite variable and in some

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lus sta e aud the operation did not cause the shock it produced

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state. Dare you practice, either on a temporary or permanent basis, before you get your license ?

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tion and cold are others ; spasmodic contraction of the

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they are unanswerable. I do not, however, mean to say, that the applica-

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Stokes type, and the temperature falls. The duration is from

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while the remainder executes its functions in a perfect manner.

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artery, arrd finally dipped down again into the textures on the

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people do not have an adequate sense of responsibil-

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the life only away by bleeding, to restore the whole to health ! And

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offered by Dr. George M. Gould, the Medical Visitor

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these articles supplied. Cyclists, on long " tours de

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phonetic value rather than according to the letters ; for in English each

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is due to an arrest of the flow of blood through the right side of