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tract of ergot combined with eight drops of tincture opii,

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of the costal cell divided by the humeral transverse vein ; ic, subcostal

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different parts of the cerebrum, often in the vicinity of the corpus striatum,

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Hartford County, Wm. C. Williams, aged — . Suicide.

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beneficial results ; 3, had had no personal experience


ery from their disorder. It is observed in institutions that despite

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upward to the lower margin of the thyroid cartilage. It pro-

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as yet of all the l)rnnehes of jiractice, has undergone

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London ; Member of Board of Examiners in Dental Surger>-,

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Prognosis. — Acute nephritis, if slight, may be completely cured with

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Fig. 15. — Germinal rods and cells of the malarial parasite.

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work a little more, and sit down again. All these eunuchs die young

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of instances that carbohydrates apparently unaffected in one medium

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The Doctor closed his paper with some pertinent questions,

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are not sufficiently reliable, the knot is liable to become

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crus cerebri is destroyed upon one side. So there is

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The exciting causes of the paroxysms doubtless exert their effect through

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weight as he thought it deserved. Dr. Williams, he might mention,

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gible for Wisconsin license. Basic stipend, $3,600 per

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port to both, the patients reap the benefit of the com-

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duty at Fort Supply, I. T., to take effect at the expiration

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temperature was A. M., 101 degrees; P. M., 102 to 102^ degrees.

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the paramount importance of the scientific feature of

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ered only for eyes with clinically significant macular

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tion of fat converts it into a pyramid, equalling a

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out any apparent inflammation, and, on the other hand, the inflammatory

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Texas, fed decoction of " loco " to a dog without ill effects (" St. Louis

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forces its way through cracks and through the walls themselves. The

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lb. of castor sugar, and the juice of a lemon or a few drops of orange

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Lower Berths. — In all but three of the forty-two cars (17, 31 and

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15, and 6 years of age. The duration af the disease in case

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with forty-live grains daily, it was raised to one hun-

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