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not been treated upon specially during the past year in the medi-
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Resolved . That this resolution be submitted to the
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§ The mean temperature at Greenwich during the same week was 61 "9*.
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can not be prepared. for pursuing the studies in the high school with
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been all that one could ask. In the other 76 there had
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the ventricular band, the posterior wall, for tuberculous
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In a few cases these prodromal symptoms were entirely absent.
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bach made the observations pertaining to the elimination
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hoped that many who have had experience in the management
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enlargement of the tonsils, and he also suffered from thread- worms.
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the Bill was read a second time and committed ^ro/ormo, that
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easily moved; under an anaesthetic it was possible to push it up out
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aire (fitretat). Rev. d'hyg.. Par., 1887, ix, 545-554.
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, due to a dish, allow the remaining ether to evaporate spontaneously
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No\r it will be readily perceived that if the free end of
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to those in younger age groups as were the rates of adverse events and
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of infection from tuberculous sputum. This is espe-
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posed or actual benign tumors, malignant tumors may develop in the cicatrix.
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the distinguished hygienist were somewhat striking, if not
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described: pain patients (55%); drug-seeking patients, in-
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to be checked, and a system of greater supervision in the
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be endured, but ostensibly to be admired went to her assistance, but the Amazon
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lary action defeating somewhat the perfect work of the
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partaking of the same meal and same wines would have
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Properties. — An amorphous powder, varying in color from grayish -
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Fevercll IiL^UilL , .:i.-.l : i:ij , population ll'j4 ; salary £24 per annum.
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and volatile, because of its gram-positive character and for the reason that
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Dundee, in five cases out seven. (Ed. 'Med. and Sur. Jour.,' Jan. 18.'J7.)
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spent a lifetime in hard, laborious study — wh<;
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Sodium chlor. *• 4 Sodium chlor., ** 4 Sodium Chlor. ** 4
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of Healthy Individuals . . . 626 j Sudden Death due to the Heart
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mals at any period of their growth. While the economy of the cram-
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1. The old method. — In order to obtain the material for the inoculation,
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centa being retained by an hour-glass contraction, he