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dition of his former trouble, nasal catarrh, and said that he thought it

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lage of the thorax may permit the aneurism to emerge as a prominent

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FAMILY PRACTITIONER: Available July 1977, GASTROENTEROLOGIST: Available July 1977,

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primary disease is not a coagulation of blood, but an in-

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was two hours, as that would be sufficient for the formation of a plastic

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French writerSy of a paralysis, which, commencing at the lips, extends

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venth pair is considered a single nerve, or two, which it really is.

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drowning in which the would-be rescuer could not swim.

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all cases (including fatal and non-fatal) of this variety of chorea, as

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great deal of meat from animals affected by tubercu-

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progresses upward, although very often the first chilly sensations are felt

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days later Chopart and Doublet died, also under mysteri-

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But in Italy she has also placed marshes which like the fa-

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George Bcbens Shepherd, M.D. , Lecturer on Life Insurance Examina-

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and these cysts in -the same ovary, while they vary much in size,

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attach hooks, eyescrews, etc., to the new “back to the closet”

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ness to our erring brothers, have given rise to some contro-

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with its local application upon the tampon to the cervix uteri. This

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given it up in favor of MacEwen's, as the better and

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The rest broadened their horizons across the south or

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17. Peyton M. Keith, of Kentucky; on Phlegmasia Dolens.

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of Health." By advice of the Secretary, complaint and

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quently to question the accuarcy of the diagnosis. It may be

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scramble up mountain-sides, wade across creeks, penetrate forest tangles,