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the drug is followed by strychnine subcutaneously to combat

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tube was inserted along the track of the projectile, the wound stitched

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the floor of the mouth; going downward I found that the outer glands

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various boards of health, public sanitary authorities,

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boring towns, until the last month of their course when

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Dr. S. W. Hayes, New Bedford, Vice-President; Dr. A. J. Abbe\

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secondary or tertiary stages. The late occurrence of the fever

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back pressure from valvular defects or morbid blocking of the pul-

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gravy and cover over for a few minutes, or until ready to

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68 Dks. Hutchison and Fleming — Digestion and Absorption

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lished, decompression has little to offer save the relief of pain.

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but it may be possible that it shall serve this purpose,

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that liver damage occurs in spite of a good diet, it has also

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Treatment of Sacculated Aortic Anearisn by Electrolysis

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TREATMENT. In the great majority of cases, sporadic dysentery would

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some years, has been manfully endeavoring to rid homoe-

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clearing stations. Apparently one of the chief troubles

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vertical projection of the greatest extension in one plane. This

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the results of wounds of vessels, are at once converted into false

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gether in 3'. 20' insuf. 10°, abduction 17° ; 1' insuf. 6°, adduc-

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have been isolated, and one is under observation. The san-

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Symptoms on Admission. — On admission he complained of frequent cough and

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tion of the foods and drinks of the people. We all know that the

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temporarily to a regiment until the Surgeon or Assistant-

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upon subjects ot professional Interest are solicited. The edi-

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first symptom was a violent chill, which was followed by