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Thoracic symptoms of a grave character Dr. S. has rarely observed. He has

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accurately the anomalous conditions. This he considered

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But the disease does not by any means always terminate £&tally

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mouth. It is scarcely necessary to add that the haemor-

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In conclusion, I wish particularly to impress that,

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suppurative processes of the gastro-intestinal tract. Of these the

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but no pus-cells. An elastic bandage was applied, the leg placed in an elevated position,

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it requires a certain percentage of votes to make them members;

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root), slow injection of acetic acid through a capillary

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Contents. — These vary greatly, being in many instances mixed with

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no longer under its influence marriage is permissible,

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per cent, of cases of goitre (Woelfler), but the condition is not always severe

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that transmittal letters not containing the foregoing language signed by all

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with a staff or cane, promotes a stooping position, and brings on an appear-

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quently become cheater, and this useful beast would not, as now, be

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with bleeding into the corresponding parts on the left side."

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degree of development are found — in the brain capillaries, for ex-

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the transactions of this, the first conference under the law, are

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in attenuated form or in small numbers, and the cells

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case, " undoubtedly in the performance of his hospital

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moment; and the folloAving deductions may, I think, be fau'ly

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abundant production of pus of which a portion is carried by the sub-

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1896 to 1903. The beginning of 1904, however, the percentage

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distinctly heard, the head returned to its natural place. At that

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and peritoneal parietes. Such a condition is exceptional

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ception, and upon it we offer no definitive opinion,


health, with no deprayed constitutional inheritance.

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Shield and Blue Cross. This was also true nationally.

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corporation, so advertising. Third, the obtaining of any fee, or offering to

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of the Danube, malaria is not infrequently found. It is almost never

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mosis — Pertussis — Phenic (Carbolic) Acid; Poi-

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complaining of dysmenorrhea and severe bladder and rectal