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a first acquaintance with this subject. The introduction of Plant
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not only on the interests of the medical profession,
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1. Hand (a. flexors ; b. interossei ; c. extensors).
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person drowned and lying near the bank, and plunder it ; in doing
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professional duties, but for his labors in the church and community
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of the cohm and of the Lower part of the ileum was congested. The liver weighed
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numerous examples. However, it is well worth reading.
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symptoms of this stage are severe in proportion to the severity of the
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ailments than most people suppose; but it must be acknowledged that the reck-
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direct method. By this I mean applying the ear directly
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No cement was necessary, and, instead of the screws,
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Sodium iodide and syrup of hydriodic acid are simply sub-
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where a man has had no opportunity to contract malaria, that his
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to, of the stomach, temper, &c. : and in the early
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Leuckart 1879, C. perforans Leuckart, Pfeifferia princeps Labbe 1896.
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cysts, with the products of inflammation, may be subsequently dis-
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waters, such as Seltzer, etc., or In granular effervescing form. (Effervescing Lycetol.
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work is devoted to pharmacology, pharmacy, materia medica, prescription writ-
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and .sterile kidneys removed from a'normal rabbit with the
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their first symptoms appeared. Eight of 12 patients
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and observes that, " although no other country, with which I
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more serious consequence when associated with the last
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Schenectady, where he continued to practise until stricken
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and copperhead is neutralized by bromine, iodine, hydrobromic
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negotiations with third parties, as I have said, enhancing our
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exert its regulatory powers over an industry that has managed for too long to
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possessed in each case an unpleasant odor, especially when
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the incubation period of a disease affected, but the pres-
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in Saltcoats in 1873, was educated at Ardrossan Academy and
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and firm, and at another soft and weak. If you were to visit him in the