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of the digestive tube to accumulate in the stomach and bowels. For

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ease. The ascending colon is usually much larger and

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In order to convey a clear idea of these cases, a discussion of

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circulating fibrin monomer strongly suggests DIC. Fibrin

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Symptoms. As might be expected from what has been said

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about two weeks after attack, but no other evidences of trouble. Heard

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traversing just such country, and already saturated with vege-

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valuable, but better results have been obtained by using fixation of

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the operation that the question of his becoming ambulant depends

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vision hy a i)artial tenotomy of the superior rectus. Ibid.,

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him and to such action he will have no recourse — he

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forcibly distended or contracted. This, if it is admitted, explains

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sory fibre as virtually extending in a long region of the nerv-

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begged most earnestly that the operation should be again performed,

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will not board, but will send her immediately to quarantine.

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down the inguinal canal, along the course of the spermatic cord in

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may occur at the earliest stage, and is due to inflammation of the auditory

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areas of localized peritonitis where the abscesses reach the surface of

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could only be killed out of the body by his u courses." To destroy

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use of other organisms of different kinds. It found, as had

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