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this purpose and in every instance more fluid was given during the

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the other portions of the intestines, but which in the appendix may

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By his students Andrew Moir was adored. Among those whose

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December 6. — Ophthalmoscope : PapUla; swollen, and edges

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rolling over. Some thirty-six hours from the time of .his

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The dilution required gives the value for 5 c.c. of urine. If this

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and the public against the compulsory notification of phthisis

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Why then we must be content to rest in the symptoms, and

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If boiled with one-third its bulk of roasted coffee for a couple of min-

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tion. 3. Atrophic rhinitis, in which there is a destruction

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monectomy, or excision of the tubercular area. 4. Obliteration

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and the other for fixing ferments in the fluid medium around.

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hospital, 6.71 per cent died, and of those sent outside to

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Estates like those of Merchants, at least a livelihood

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“Not so good to flaunt bad manners . . . nor to have an omniscient

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Practice. I. On the Uterine Polypus • its Nature, Early De-

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la a great number of instances, the sites of old extinct volcanoes are

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highly important affection. Dr. Johnson's ideas are the basis