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tend the onward course of the disease. The central sys-

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with, I am convinced that the dangers of scurv}^ from its use have

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in the l)reach than in the observance. The forceps should he

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neum has been practised. The operation has, however,

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fills the office in the circulation of the mitral valve, and must

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end of London, and he was medical officer for No. 6 District

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certainty that the patient had not died of a disease of the nervous system.

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ap])lications of the physical sciences long before they know

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Society, held in Temple Place, Wednesday, April Ist, the lolluwing

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Israel,* of Berlin, has been successful in removing an echinococcus cyst

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noticeable, and a coming contest so excites them that they are

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the red corpuscles when they are below the normal standard in quantity,

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HNO3. Evaporate; add water; wash and dry precipitated

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"The microscopic characters of the mixture of liq. calcis and ol. morrhuaj,

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consulted me in May 181 7, with regard to fluor albus, under

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Diagnosis. — Acute bronchitis is to be discriminated from pleuritis and

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smooth. In certain cases circumscribed, depressed areas, red in color, due to

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If there be ground for regarding the hemorrhage as vicarious, interference

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cells containing bacilli are found, the animal may be

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contemporaneous presence of echinooocci in the kidneys, was

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in a manner and with a rapidity hitherto unrecognized. This was the more

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tions for females, nor for the noisy; for the reason, -first, that the

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admit the absolute merits of the things compared, an obvious

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level of the lesion, there is no hyperesthesia to touch upon the side of the lesion;

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The Doctor closed his paper with some pertinent questions,

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community, the crime of rape does not occur in that

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an irritant, and then there is time enough to seek for further aid.

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Considering the fact that during the last three months of 1894 and the

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