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essary aid given the insufficient resisting power of the economy to
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the cases up to this time are so few, and the descriptions of them so
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conditions. — 54 per cent, had lost the father; 46 per cent, the mother; and 28
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is, by local and not state laws ; one, indefinite ; three, no reply.
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tific investigation, I would cheerfully co-operate with
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tempered. The bevel of the point should be short, so
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It began, it appears, in the extreme northwestern portion of the city, above
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cine, designed for tiio Use of Practitioners and Students
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as found in the table lands of Mexico. The pods of the Mex-
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tubes; translucent, highly refracting, claret-coloured, irregularly-shaped, crys-
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ing, may leave in its wake irritable and hypersecreting oxyntic
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earlier evidences of being syphilitic. Another case which had come
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another may utterly faiL A gentle manner, a strong firm touch, and
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cities, especially in the warm parts of the country, is in the majority of
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of pathological thirst: (1) Compensatory thirst, as, for example, in cholera
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!'i"i. n tr.iutllelil- "I 1 une .ire pu-lied ..n it. The ie-u!t i- .1
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of the throat, ear, or respiratory passages, no less than fifty-four
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Belladonna in Biliary Colic— Dr. G. Sticker, of Cc.
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I'incision et I'antisepsie directe du foyer des fractures ex-
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they did not die early of croup or hydrocephalus. These are not only
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and location of the stomach as normal and the motility
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first symptom was a violent chill, which was followed by
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therefrom. Tr. M. Soc. Tennessee, Nashville, 1893, 99-
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Superintendent of the Government Hospit-il for the Insane
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man, laying aside for the time his purity of practice, the
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The ligamentous structures behind the bone are entire. Those in
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increase in the concentration of the urinary chlorids during the period of
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when these nerves are severed. In the splanchnic area the vaso-motor
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formatioQ on the chemistry of the urine than is to be found in treatises on renal
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quently those of pneumonia, meningitis, or pleuritis. The fibrin factors of
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sponged with cold water, and occasionally cold may be more permanently
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churning sound, apparently taking the place of the first sound,