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accept his statements as final, but it seems very likely that they are cor-
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period varying from a week to four weeks from the date of convalescence.
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the mathematician who demonstrated that no steamship could
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Disturbances in Growth and Joint Deformities Follow-
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experience is necessary to make it very evident in the great majority
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toms of a more acute character are liable to supervene, such as drowsiness,
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pleuritis, either acute or chronic. There are no distinctive points per-
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10. Four Tears' Bxperience as a Health Officer in Bristol. By David Davibs,
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ing of degrees is so common and so easily obtainable that
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tain its normal color, but become tumefied, no longer contract-
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the most arrantly nonsensical word and use it in the
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means of examining Medical students in general education can be most
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forcibly distended or contracted. This, if it is admitted, explains
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of that variety of degeneration of the kidney characterized by contraction
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and protection, while the analgesia persists, is a proof of
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accidental exposure to sulphurous acid gas condensed in the
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of silk-worm pebrine, Empusa muscce of the fly, Achoriony Fricophytofif
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of the pylorus, giving rise sometimes to an enormously dilated
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Complication: Otitis media, supperative, acute, 11 per cent; broncho-
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the nature of the case. The tremulous tongue is moist and creamy ;
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of the heart, — the two ventricles contained about an equal quantity of blood
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has yet to be considered by the medical profession.
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inches on both vertical and transverse diameters. Several
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From humble beginnings it has traced its prospering presence
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numbers and in practically pure culture in the coverslip prepara-
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doses of Squibb's conium returned for revision by the careful
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print. — Keane(A.H.) On the Botocndos. J. Anthrop.
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arrived home; that he had had no trouble since, until