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The cardiac impulse was forcible, 17 cm. from the midline (following curve of
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Imitation. Probably some cases owe their origin to imitation, not
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and constitutional symptoms described as abdominal shock.
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present, a dark pur[)le-red color is produced ; both of these shades upoa
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employed it for pityriasis versicolor, herpes tonsurans, mycotic eczema, ephelis,
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though hardly to be justified in principle, is at least excusable
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peritonitis has its origin in this organ in ninety-five per
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state fitted for smoking (being still a soft solid), it
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indicated, and in some cases it is necessary to depress the head, administer
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side; pulse 130; respiration hurried, and abdominal; face much
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The life-period of the bacillus leprae is unknown — no culture experi-
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oxalate becomes precipitated. Ordinarily, the double change between
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anthrax bacillus is of especial value in distinguishing it from the motile
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It has been employed in mycosis fungoides, idiopathic hsemor-
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count on having the patient able to leave his bed on the
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ing through the bars, similar to a group of country " gabies " around the
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An ointment may be prepared by mixing one or two ounces
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and inferences cannot well be comprehended. For the pre-
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sion of the Hepatic Ducts ; and Mr. W. Apaiis the Skull of a
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the lady seemed to be perfectly happy and satisfied,
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caused an increase of iron in the blood and tissues of man. Schmiede-
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tion by cooling, the impurities being left behind. The water by this
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Whatever difference of opinion may exist as to the desirability of attempting
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pterygoid, and temporal muscles were divided. It was found necessary
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may prescribe: Provided, That the Secretary of the Treasury may deliver to
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membrane was found perfectly healthy, -Rathout any thickening or opacity
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Benedict, John Mitchell Univ. N. Y., '82 Waterbury.
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angle between the lateral sinus and middle fossa, another
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