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logical action was first studied by Dreser,^ who concludes that it
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gary. J Orvosi hetil., Budapest, 1899, xliii, 614. Also,
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Trachoma— 499, 591, 651 ; treatment cf, 281, 282.
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play annually given by the Ancient Order of Chut-muks; the good com-
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The following causes, amongst others, have been cited : trauma, mental
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ern North Carolina Railroad there are feats of engineer-
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support the opinion expressed by Paul, that in acquired pulmonary obstruc-
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tion of tartarized antimony, purgative injections, and sudor-
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illustrated by 16a wood-ens^ravings. Extra muslin binding, $3.25.
very important. By close study of these cases one is con-
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Notes of fifteen cases treated by the sarracenia were given, all of which ter-
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the diphtheria bacillus, or its toxins ; therefore, from a diagnostic