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this reservation we may tabulate the more common diseases of the blood
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was very much modified by the eighth day; the features then as-
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the touch and appear markedly cachectic. They slowly recover
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in these cases. Bearing in mind the diminished power of the kid-
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kidneys. The head was cool ; the face pallid ; no paralysis ; no
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The long period of persistent absence of all alvine evacuation
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Sparteine. — Sparteine is another heart tonic, uncertain in its effects.
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form of inflammation in the lungs. During the same time he had
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heart" accompanying either aortic or mitral lesions, but occurring even
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method, we believe, on account of the objections we have stated
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Nos. 8 and 9. — 2bth November. — Two children, aged seven and five
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Hopkins University. The resulting colony was transferred to
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rotic person marry? Presupposing it to be a case of true chlorosis, the
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whole intestine and rectum are sometimes packed full of such
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Dr Burn asked how the fistula had been produced, and was of
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some disease other than meningitis, and none of these proved positive. In none of
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uterine haemorrhage. The patient's age was 42. The present was