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male adults. Dr. Murchison gives the mean age as 244 years. As to
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in these cases there is no evidence that any chemical change takes
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effect of croton oil varies with the strength of the solution applied; and,
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Wundinfectionskrankheiten ; and Traumatic Infective Diseases, New Sydenham Society.
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tinguish it from every other cell in existence ; likewise all the cells which
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and thence passing into the portal system, and reaching the heart and pulmonary circula-
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first rapidly sponged in a hot bath (100°), and should receive the douche
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of suppuration, such as spreading cellulitis, due to streptococcus pyo-
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period of time next that of the expected paroxysm — always with the
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Of the disease as it spends itself upon the abdominal organs, it will
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Tuberculosis of the lung has occasionally been observed during con-
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The antispasmodic plan is based on the fact that the muscles of the
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and no diapedesis. All the leucocytes that pass to the part are pre-