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January 18, 1888. — Esophoria 2°, abduction 4°, adduction

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leave as many of the mentally afflicted with the family

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infiltrated with serum, a rapid change took place, and in a few

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45. Schmid T, Landry G, Fields BL, et al: The use of myocytes as a

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udder. This presents a danger which cannot be disregarded.

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symptoms of her case from the commencement to the termination of her

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JULIAN MINES, D.O., Clinical Assistant in Obstetrics

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M. Logan, Kansas City, Mo., August 12, aged 51.— Dr. J. C.

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sible, but in a manner that would leave him comfortable. As

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1877 a. — Dermatite cronica ed acaro del fagiano <Gior. di anat., fisiol. e patol.

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Department whether his attention had been directed to

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ber that the great majority, probably 75 per cent, of all the students going up for

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firm and solid thigh-bone. This case was operated upon

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supplies are landed and the rest of the party arrive,

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Adams ; J. H. A. Matte, North Adams ; W. P. Small, Great

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My first stand I described in the Philadelphia Medical

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to the lower portion of the pelvic and bladder peritoneum by easily

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forming it there is nothing very special to be said. Eor the description of

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surface, the skin and subcutaneous tissues rapidly disappear and

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for those who are not very familiar with this very important

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' «• Mnrrain ** is another term applied by veterinarians to very different disorders

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pality of Copenhagen to the members of the Congress was by far

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ing the Oxide in a solution of the Acetate. Its solution

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exciting, being free from the influence of the north-west winds ; while Vesu-

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ject of many exceedingly interesting investigations dur-

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On d^fendra I'entrfe de I'^curie saine aux cochers et domestiques

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instance the menos is considered destroyed with the thumos (II.

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Opposition to a Health Officer. — A petition is in cir-

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serve, provided they are boiled, soaked in a 1 to 2(i00

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During the first twenty-four hours after the operation, the pa-

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tion, assistant editors, essayists of various kinds, are all