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rind of a lemon, a few laurel leaves or bitter almonds, sugar to taste,

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water into the mouth, and then, by a sort of bucco-lingual

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delphia General and University Hospitals ; Consulting Phy-

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according to the size and locality of the degeneration, so that the disease

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29. Wegeforth and Latham: Ambr. Jour. Med. Sci., 1919, 158, 183.

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ference of opinion exists as to the network in tlie closely attached croupous

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or stimulate his beast, to whack him over the nose with

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No. 1, containing 44 Ground Stopper Bottles, 4 pots, $18 00

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and Owego, on the east side ; Candor, Tioga, and Nichols,

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relaxed and wrinkled. Hemorrhagic infarctions are often met with<

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affections it is sometimes difficult at once to decide, but as a rule these

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poses of these returns is estimated at 1,142,308. The deaths

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and National Societies. — In his most excellent presi-

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The phenomena that bespeak a threatening condition are: In-

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reference to the same form of pneumonia that Lcennec described, then

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configuration of the tissues involved, at times causing actual deformity

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coccus intracellularis meningitidis three times, the

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symptoms, Mr Abernethy comments at considerable length •, and

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six o'clock A.M. on the 4th, I found, on account of the

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Two other oases of resection of the elbow -joint occurred, and in both the

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hospital, 6.71 per cent died, and of those sent outside to

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The causes of necrosis totalis are ostitis and periostitis of a

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imperfectly it is understood by many writers at the

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for health in those whose occupations soil their hands

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pronucleus. S.-rox>e> a string of spennatosoa

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Forty drops of liquor ammonia3, sp. gr. '959, diluted with three

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sensation of heat in it ; and it was rather warm to

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Case No. 6.— The patient, F. S., 25 years the predominant factor is an infection, while