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ished blood supply as a tertiary rather than as a second-
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Anat. Second edition. Philadelphia, 1851. (From Dr. Horner.)
gnc total lean - lean shake 25 - rich chocolate - 1.83 lbs
nator of the operation was. Moreover, the very simplicity of
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washings, and in the majority of cases a subaciility. The
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how this calamity occurred, but the fact remains that the patient
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written notification to the executive vice president
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History. — March 29, 1917. Man, aged 51, with history of shortness of breath
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the term chronic myelitis denotes an inflammatory affection localized in a seg-
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Group 2 : seven mice were kUled 3 days after the x-ray treatment without hav-
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membranes; from the secretory organs and sometimes the skin.
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schools. This bill has the approval of the American
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terior part may be produced, and thus render the examination difficult.
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in forty other affections. Their research has -extended over
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and 1865 of I4"63 per cent. Unfortunately this has not been
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» See " Bright's Disease." \ See chapter on Coffee.
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used for half an hour, and then intermitted ; but it should be one
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A Cure for Dyspepsia. — A minister in Ohio was de-
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Fosbroke, George Haynes, L.S.A., Bedford, Redditch, of the Westmiiuitcr
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plate cultues usually but one specie appeared, occasionally
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One case of hydatid disease of the liver was operated
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It h.i- ^triiek u- out of tlii- -m.iU -erie- of lift\ e.i-e<, the .letion of
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reduce the irritability of the bladder, the patient was
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lie partially avoided by requiring that the certificate of
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of 1 per cent. Since shrapnel bullets contain from 8 to
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Edinb., 1845, v, 781 -789. Also.iiihit: Cases in surgery,
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stop at symptoms, nor does it reason by analogy, but it recommends that
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Park and about the grounds, a distance of over four miles, as-