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bronchial it stops by raising. When it is the lingual tonsil,

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ports an interesting case of acute pheumonia accom-

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prophylactic methods as well. It is not only the diseased

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generally been found to be in some morbid condition. In enumerating

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seems to run on indefinitely for six or seven weeks or longer. It is not

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bacilli, he does not develop typhoid fever today nor tomorrow, but

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Chlorogahim Pomeridiauimi, common soap root of Cali-

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long as the invalid is capable of attending to his usual avocations. To

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acter. The pain may radiate to the spinal column. The spleen is

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The patient had scarlet fever and diphtheria at fifteen

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habits; had scarlet fever at the age of ten, otherwise he

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affected by the disease of his breast directly, excision of the

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showed findings of r = 1.95 and P= .08. The difference in

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at present, which we will admit would be hard to do, as no life existed

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(consisting of detritus, pus, epithelial cells, and coccidia) are formed. The

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the use of those who have not access to the journals in

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of energy is almost inconceivable. The retina of the

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have been affected with ringworm. In certain localities it has seemed to ran

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Its condition is then undistinguishable from one which has been preceded

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charges usual to women, which my sister E. and the one lately laid-in

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the sclerotic prevents it, the bulging can only take place for-

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prior to going there two skiagraphs were taken, the lower end

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the protection of the dead. The Methodists and Empiricists had

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dangers of general anesthesia are to be considered, especially

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trophy of the right ventricle, the pulmonic second sound will be intensified

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mately eight times its normal value. When the minute-volume had

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the bladder up above the pelvic brim; the bladder washed out

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occasion in question, was the celebrated ex-Surgeon of the

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shrinkage in the superflcial layers of the anterior cor-

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the maternities, from placentas squeezed to extract the blood.

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stasis the presence of the fluid in the peritoneal cavity will naturally

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of those once aff'ected ultimately die of cancer ; radium or the


If no sugar be present in this cold solution, the hydrate will form a greenish blue

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poses of these returns is estimated at 1,142,308. The deaths