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myxcedema depended upon "a perverted renal function." During
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before from a peritonsillar abscess and who had had a tonsillectomy
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onset of symptoms. Such occurs when a small fragment of coagulum
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the London Hospital, were tabulated for me by my colleague, Dr. F.
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V. Szontagh and Wellmann 23 found that with immunization the
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tempted the ascent of a mountain in a certain very short time. The
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for brief interruptions of a month or six weeks' duration, from the
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1 See analysis of upwards of 1000 cases in Races of Britain, pp. 222, 223.
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acidosis of diabetes is due entirely to the presence of increased amounts
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in the next spring, and not only once, but again and again. It is safe
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a case in which chyluria could be induced at will by giving the patient
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from this by taking quantities of 9 c.c, 8 c.c, 7 c.c, 6 c.c. and 5 c.c. and
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on Sept. 17, 1915. Proportionate aliquot parts of 3a and 3b were taken for sulphur, and
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of this group is summarized in Table 12. Of these 137 pellagrins who
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turbances of deep sensibilities on the same side. In Case 9 motor and
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tion. We think, however, that only a small proportion of them should
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perforated area being then constituted by the inflamed subcutaneous
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dles of muscular fibres which are penetrated by fine branchings of
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desired. The very best quality of meal from the whole corn is there-
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for some time the loss of calcium in diabetic acidosis.
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fibrosis; that the morbid changes commonly but not always com-
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increased rapidity is seen especially after the slightest effort or
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have been under his care. Of these 3 died, 1 from the operation
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for example, that there are 5 liters of blood in the body and that all
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tious in interpreting improvement as due to treatment. We have fol-
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white females, the ages at onset being 5, 7, 16, 21, 22, 24, 24, 26, 26,
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subject of chronic disease of the aorta may be small and ill-nourished,
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interferes with or retards the escape of blood from the left auricle
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muscle of the iris supplied by the sympathetic, and consequently an
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disturbances which distinguish the neuroses of the heart. But the
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seven months ataxia, disturbances in micturition, girdle pains and lightning
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and the distention of the coats of the aorta, and in part by pressure
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