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ciated with Dr. J. Marion Sims, and married one of his
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specific indications had not been found. Treatment by mercurial
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in a wound not obviously septic. In the first case the
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paratively speaking, is less able to sustain weight than that
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from the blood by the eruption ceases to produce any poisonous
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lin chloride, possibly attributable to changes in the drug
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and Owego, on the east side ; Candor, Tioga, and Nichols,
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Mr. Gardner had adopted a somewhat different attitude, and
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With these impressions I came to the resolution of trying the ace-
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ing seen a case — just to see what the symptoms of the trouble
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puter database on their credentials for responding to
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Charles Phelps, M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy, and Curator of the Hospital
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epended very largely on a personal element in the lecturer,
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Under the same circumstances eutameba plasm takes a very delicate blue and ap-
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on palpation apparently fluctuate, but on section is usually hard. The
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What Amount of Visual Defect Should Disqualify in Rail-
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brief answers to the question, What is the best treatment for hiccough?
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compressed so that there is no danger of This structure has received great atten-
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ling, six or eight weeks old, and when admitted into the institution
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Mobile, Ala. — From Sept. 20th to the evening of the
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tremens, in from 3i to oi doses, has long been known, and as
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" Very well ; tell me any way in which coal and wood are alike."
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e mode of inf ectioQ is by inhaJation, although there may be other portab
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have had occasion to examine, the reduction of weight, or
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On THE SuBGicAL Practice and Dbessing. — ^For .six months, including three
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fled splint for knock-knee and bow-leg. Tr. Am. Or-
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prisons, etc., and although he sutiered for a while political
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area of hemolysis around the colony was from three to five times
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varieties of galvanic batteries ; the last of these is the apparatus
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attended with a high fever, cerebral symptoms, intense headache and
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now extensive. Many organisms were found in the sputum, and cough was
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made with the Maryland Medical Journal, and later with