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insane, 7; idiots, 13; blind, 8 ; died of consumption, 15;

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11 days. The fluid was golden-yellow, but slightly turbid, of

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Lungs). An embolism of placental cells in cases of eclampsia has been de-

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rettage; admitted from another hospital to maternity

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organizations. A good many foreign doctors come annually

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1. It seems probable that the same rules as to climate,

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labors of others,"' but the presentation of the general

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afler several energetic but ineffectual attempts to escape, deliberately in*

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which it is based. As has already been stated, there is no doubt that in

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iii. p. 33. — 21. Mop.row, Prince. "Mycosis fungoides, especially the pre-fungoidal

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apex. Along the left edge of the sternum a loud and

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3d. Ecchymosis as a consequence of arsenical poisoning has pre-

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of visual power, shown by the eyes becoming soon exhausted when

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form iu the shape of stars, lines, and figures, and he thinks we have

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claiming to have obtained the first prize medal at the International Exhibitions — the last of which was at Paris in 1867, while

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gall-bladder may be involved and stones may fall into the stomach

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tains, that intercept and attract the moisture of the sea air, it enjoys

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ing, they do mischief. A generous diet is required from the outset.

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for the more frequent occurrence of carbolic gangrene is that this is

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for that perio<l, and reappearance of sexual appetite shortly before

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same, to enclose their card, or to write on a letter

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dulness of resonance on percussion, constipation, and fever, are

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fore a morbid second sound heard over the semilunar valves of the aorta

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