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ment in their milk glands, and through the cerebro-
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Fbank F. Smith, M.D., to Miss Nannie Miller, both of
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diately after entering the house she vomited, she said,
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weeks' duration, due to a mixed infection and terminating in
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lesions of these structures were found, Dr. Wilks gave
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than anything else, just that soon will the question of organ-
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Taxing Poisons. — ^According to the tfew York Times, in an
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rapidly growing uterus; must menstruation be stopped;
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ward securing a permanent home for The JouBirAi., you now
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should be given at regular intervals; a cleansing enema of
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tissues, is of one performed by Mr. Kerr of Northampton,
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should be passed at this session, because the dangers from the loop-
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character of pus. The swelling over the jaw was stony hajd,
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recently appointed and now In San Francisco, Cal., to doty In the
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the cord is fixed and constant. As a general rule, the cells
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alleged epidemic influence resides is wholly undeter-
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vigorous breathers, with good muscular development.
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address urging legislation to prevent overcrowding, by more
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consideration of the matter came to the conclusion that neither
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served in the capacity of delegates, and of such other members
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of which are of high scientific worth, the well-known names
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These should be considered in estimating the value of the
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It is true that drugs are often used to-day when they
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that date 449, with 182 deaths. The two following days, April
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fecting the pleura or peritoneum. Normal salt solu-
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fluenza, diphtheria and other epidemic infectious dis-
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India, Hongkong and Porto Rico. The malarial fevers of the
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was difBcult to bend the limb at those joints, as well as
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the third century, B. C, a lamentable state of ignor-
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ises some interesting communications when his observations are
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Resolved, That this Association heartily endorses the bill (B. R.
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