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dually ; or after pregnancy it refuses, under morbid stimulus, to de-

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30 per cent., the mortality amongst illegitimate children reaches 90 per cent.

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Sir, — As the treatment of infantile diarrhcea is of some interest at present, I send

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8 feet under ground. I think this matter should have the serious

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cently held, we observe that the average number of marks granted in-

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of medical students ; and the necessary expenses of college life were

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it" \C " ''"""'^ '" "'^ stomach m fost mortem examinations.—

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very great blessing would have been obtained. The question was. Did sul-

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My first idea was to employ wire for the pedicle ; but I find that

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in the Irwell. The Board decided, after a discussion, that the Sanitary

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quette. Tlie anonymous character of the decision adds something of

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I may say that I did not see or hear of a bayonet-wound or a

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be very satisfactory. This is attributed in great measure to the custom

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liating to be unacquainted with the physics of the body, and to

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the earliest meetings of the Society, had been its Treasurer and its Pre-

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The Registrar-General of England; The Secretary of Apothecaries' Hall ; The

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fessor of Institutes of Medicine, Dr. R. Law. King's Professor of Prac-

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escort. They take with them four carriages with luggage, bandages,

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allege that there is no water ? At any rate, here is a big hogshead of

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left ovarian variety, occurring in the third pregnancy of a married

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cavity ; nevertheless, he determined to remove the whole, which was

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Roberts, Wm., ^I. D. The case of a man who had a Vesicular Erup-

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return of uncertified deaths, the surer will be our prospects of a speedy

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received from all Branches of the Association, and of the causes which

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was in our hands. As you have heard, proposals were made to try,

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to cover some of the holes. To prevent any splashing of the bed-

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with a qualified practitioner; and, in the event of his holding no qualification, the

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October, being two more than in the previous month.

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nected with the physical. But these physicists prefer to deride the

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tion and tabulation, would be fatal to regularity and rapidity of pub-

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strangulated hernia, on account of its injurious effects upon the con-

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