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nothing compared with the misery which she experienced
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tide it causes to flow, and its advocates never become its apologists.
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up with needles. This failing, it should be extracted,
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these portions and exhibited no ill effects from the injections.
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state of the part. The strength of washes should be weak-
the amazing colle£lion of hydatids, was very fmgular, and of
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A tablespoonful every two or three hours until it operates.
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on healthy persons are mydriasis, a certain amount of
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liver, and to alter the fecretion of bile, in a fpccific- manner, alTi-
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rectly observes, that " in every instance, without exception, so
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was not maintained by the circulation of the blood,
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lengtli of time varying with the quantity given and with the idiosyncra-
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and 2 majors in Materia Medica, Therapeutics, and Toxicology. The courses specifi-
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ine nstant Lord Derby's stag-hounds passed in full cry •
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cases, however, the pain is moderate or considerable, but falling much
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On the right half-dorsal aspect of penis, one-half inch behind the
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Dr. Ray (closing the discussion) : I read a paper before this Society one
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may perhaps be owing to the fact that those surgeons
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upon shipping and passengers through foulty quarantine
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by a syphilitic lesion, but yet intellectual disturbance was absent. It was simply a
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temperature seen at any time after these severe injuries or
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symptom, and in connection with the exalted ideas is conclu-
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ascending frontal convolution and in its subjacent white mat-
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voted his skill, his knowledge and his scholarly at-
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newly-born is so small that there is hardly any difference noticed be-
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Stone in the bladder can usually be discovered by the ordin-
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by Professor Syme that Clmical Surgery was taught in Edin-
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quite a number whose sympto^Aisare reflex in origin. But
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That one day he laid him down and died, and never did awaken ;
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glands of Littr£ — openings large enough to admit a bristle.
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surrounded by fibrous tissue. Sometimes there is marked cicatricial contrac-
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of air is therefore rendered all but irrespirable by each animal in
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Its onset is characterized by the usual symptoms intensified, and as early as
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gallic acid may be administered, in these cases, in doses of from