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13, 1897 (the first time she was able to go upstairs to be

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than obstruction of the large intestine ; and it may occasiomJly be pos-

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Otology : Dr. A. Buck, New York ; Dr. C. J. Blake, Boston.

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ous attacks. Present illness seven days old. For last

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the Corsten case a municipal employee included in his

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creted is much disturbed by comparatively large doses of most of

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to that seen in developed countries. No difference was

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(3) Latent Pnenmonia. — To this class belong central pneumonias. The

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Mass. "While at college he was noted for his great industry,

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4. The principle underlying all local treatment of the gastric

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view of internal medication it is readily understood that the best

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satellite of his foreign master, has ever attained distinction.

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to determine beforehand due to irritation and functional dis-

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Boeli's consists of 2 dr. valerian, 2 dr. of snuff, 3 drops of oil

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of which 139 terminated in death. The total number of men

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conclusion arrived at is a sensible and judicious one. A word of recent

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phosphotungstic acid have also been obtained, but they apparently

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with which irritation may be produced, depends much upon

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in the church, by their hard, dry, and frequent cough, a

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are analogous. A vacuum beyond the plug is attempted by the

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Suppurative Hepatitis. Chronic Interstitial Hepatitis (Cirrhosis). Acute

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back in a posterior direction, in order to restore equilibrium — in fact, the

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Later these tests for sterility were carefully repeated. It was found that

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Was also improved ; he suffered less pain, and dis-

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