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confluent smallpox on the part of any person who is uiipi
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ther use of the limb. In such cases correction of the de-
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there has been no epidemic ; the cases have been isolated, and
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most pleasing varieties. Art, indeed, goes beyond its limits, if it loses
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secreted varied much from day to day. In fact, there are, besides
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tion,"^ '^not to mistake elevations of the scalp with effusions of
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Complications. By Dr. Ernest Finzer, Docent at the University of Vienna. Third
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and sufficient time for the organs to recover their ordinary
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was intensely infected, and presented appearances which (as had been found by
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was used almost exclusively as the proper dressing for
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of the pigs on milk alone was only 2 pounds of dry matter. This is
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cent using the volumetric, and 112 per cent using the smeared sedi-
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and treatment was advised accordingly. The writer believed
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but he finally rallied and recovered, and is at pres-
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is rather a sweeping expression, and we think we could point
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and differing only in the primary site of localization
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results, led to such general and emphatic warnings against the possible