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period of total achylia (achylia gastrica, atrophic gastritis). From time
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the second edition of his ' Electrisation Localisee ' the case of a boy who,
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angina. The glands may suppurate. The mucous membrane of the larynx,
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38 Bell : A Hclieine for National Physical Education
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The tumor lies 2 to 3 fingers below left mirgin of ribs, and is
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atrophy of the vessels, as well as of the epidermic structures." The cellular
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measles, chickenpox, whooping-cough, and mumps. It may occur in epidemic
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disease discovered. After a time the patient complained of
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Larval Hyperacidity. — Straus^ was the first to point out that symptoms
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mostly trivial; 7 cases of retained placenta; 13 of prolapsed funis ; 5 of con-
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letter of recommendation or some other means of adjusting the supply
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died of tumour in the groin, which was found after death to have been due to
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siders the location of many of the sores this is a very probable suggestion.
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deposition of pigment precedes the appearance of the white patches.
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ment-maker is needed only to make stirrups and jury-masts, and to
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double-channel catheter, with the effect of relieving
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ous appearance and feeling, are of a dark brown or dusky
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spread of the tumor if it is not resected. Consequently,
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raised slightly so as to draw the tissue away from the wound, and a
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From an infant aged 21 months. He had been playing with beans, but
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the washings treated with acetic acid and potassium ferrocyanide
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childhood. Bourneville is inclined to doubt whether this